New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education

For Conductive Education to be recognised as a leading programme for maximizing the potential of New Zealand children, young people and adults with motor disorders.

Mission Statement
To progress the development, provision and profile of Conductive Education in New Zealand for people with motor disorders.


New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education

We would like to thank the following Organisations for their support:

The New Zealand Lotteries Grants Board
The Rata Foundation
Fidelity Life

NZ Community Trust
Mainland Foundation

Donations Appreciated
The NZ Foundation for Conductive Education is a Charitable Trust registered with the Charities Commission. We have Donee Status and are listed on the Inland Revenue Website. If you are an individual or company and wish to donate to the NZ Foundation for Conductive Education, you may complete our Making A Donation form. Receipts will be issued for all donations and donations will be declared in our annual accounts.
Alternately, you may elect us for Payroll giving for individuals.
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